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Monday to Friday - 7am to 8pm
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Sunday - 9am to 4pm
Public Holidays - 9am-5pm
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Veterinary Clinic Bull Creek

No matter your pet-problem, our veterinary clinic has the medication, equipment, pet care product and expertise to fix it! Our veterinary staff provide a service that is second to none, backed up by highly experienced and educated nurses who can help you find the right service or product for you.


Our consultations are a full twenty minutes, allowing you and your vet to really discuss your pet and the reason for your visit, perform careful examinations, testing and determine together the best possible course of treatment for your pet.


Hospitalisation Facilities

We have excellent hospital facilities in-house, with state of the art caging systems to give your pet the safest, most spacious stay possible. We offer IV fluid therapy, overnight monitoring, weekend hospitalisation with regular vet and nurse checks, as well as regular cuddles and outdoor wanders for our recuperating patients.


Surgical Services

Although Bull Creek Vet has the facilities for emergency surgeries, the majority of our surgeries are transported to our co-operative surgical centre, where we have access to the best and most advanced equipment and therapeutics for your pet.

  • Dentistry
  • Routine surgery (e.g. sterilisation)
  • Abdominal and soft tissue surgery
  • Orthopaedic surgery

Transport Services

The surgery centre is on site at the back of our clinic that is shared with our 7 other sister clinics; that means more knowledge and care available to your pet!


Diagnostic Services

  • Blood testing
  • Urine and faeces testing
  • Lab testing of lumps, skin samples, ear samples etc.
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasonography

Therapeutic Services

In-house pharmacy with wide range of medications. Special order system guarantees rapid return on orders for long term and repeat medications.


Preventative Health Care

  • NUTRITION: Wide range of very high
    quality prescription diet foods to
    avoid obesity and dental disease
  • RX: Wide range of flea, worm and
    heartworm prevention medications
  • REMINDERS: Automated reminder system to let you know when your pet is due for vaccination,
    worming, flea treatment, heartworm treatment, dental checks, heart checks, arthritis injections and annual examinations
  • WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: Weight loss program for overweight pets


Wellness Plans

Year One

Our comprehensive care package for new kittens and puppies takes care of your little one for their entire first year, during their most important period of development and growth, to make sure they grow up safe and healthy. All their worming supplies, flea control, vaccinations, and sterilisation is taken care of in one practical schedule, at any of our safe, friendly clinics, under the care of fully-trained professionals.

Open Door 

Your pet does a lot of living in a year - scrapes, bumps, fights, lumps-you never know what they’re going to get themselves into. 
Without knowing it, they look to you to keep them safe and healthy, so you want to make sure you can do just that. With Open Door, you can. 
Our newest program includes unlimited consultations and nail trims for 12 months, as well as your pet's annual vaccine and check up. 


For more information, please phone 6166 6329. 


Education Services

  • Information sheets
  • Puppy Classes
  • Nurse consults available to discuss any health problems your pet might have, and determine whether a consultation is required

Referral Services

We are happy to provide a service to refer you to medical or surgical specialists should your pet require more specific attention.


Home Visits

We don't routinely perform home-visits, but will make exceptions for special cases. Please contact us if you require a home visit.